Monday, August 17, 2009

Policies and Procedures:


Please bring your child into the backyard through the side gate. We will send the first 10-15 minutes playing in the backyard while we wait for everyone to come. You may pick your child up at the gate at 11:45 Please make every effort to drop-off and pick-up on time. If for any reason there is an emergency and you cannot pick up your child on time, please call as soon as possible so arrangements can be made.


Preschool tuition is $95/month and is due the first class period of the month. Please make checks payable to Melissa Nelson. The first month’s fee is $95.00 and is due Tues, September 1st.

*If for some reason your child can no longer attend preschool you are responsible to notify me at least one month prior or tuition will be due for the additional month.


An atmosphere of cooperation is encouraged in the preschool. Positive motivation and redirection are our foremost effective methods of discipline. On occasion, it also involves quiet talks, out of hearing distance from other children, and may be followed by a brief “time away”. Time away is used sparingly and NEVER for more than 1 minute per each year of age.

I will communicate with parents primarily through a weekly email update. This is a great way for parents to ask questions or inquire of the student’s progress as the pick-up/drop-off will be a busy time. In addition, I have set aside two days in the school year for a parent/teacher conference to discuss the academic and social progression of each child. You are also welcome to call at any time.


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